Monday, March 05, 2007

The Raghu Dixit Project

This is the band that seems to me is the successor of the well known fusion band "Indian Ocean", now that they have become reasonably successful and have moved over in mainstream music. This also means that Indian Ocean do not need me as a die hard fan anymore willing to take up fights with philistines who did not like it. They have a sufficiently large fan following now and others can do this for them. I have moved over, ever cheering the underdog-this time, The Raghu Dixit Project (I know there isn't a 'The' anywhere in the name of the band but I will not resist the temptation).

This band is intensely melodious and rhythmic-things I personally love. I thought their performance in SAC was supremely brilliant and they seem to be some kind of ultra combination of Phish, Dave Matthews Band and Indian Ocean. Kickass to say the least, these guys come in dhotis and ghunghroos and the eponymous front man dances to the tune of his own brilliant danceable and groovy music. Enormously talented!

This guy has to his credit, a Hindustani Classical rendition of "Cocaine", another Indianised (read 'Classicalised') English song "I still love you" and other equally brilliant numbers. The stuff they pulled in Inci is surely going to be circulated by all junta here wherever they can. The Raghu Dixit Project certainly has the following they deserve in NIT S'kal. I recommend this band to anyone even remotely interested in Fusion or music in general.

Songs to look out for:

1) Gudgudiyo Sedi Na Da (Kandu song about Hookah)
2) Mysore Se Aayi (Dhinchak desi gaana)
3) He Bhagwan
4) I Still Love You
5) In Mumbai, Waiting for a Miracle
6) Har Dhadkan Mein ho Tum
7) Khidki

Log on to their website and listen to them. Now!

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