Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dream Girl (?)

I finally found the description of the girl I have been looking for.

The only qualifications I seek are :
A) She should not be ugly AND
B) She should be a member of the following subsubsubsubsubsubcult (I am becoming ultraultraultraultraultralenient):

Cinema lover - She should like at least half of them: Jane bhi do yaaron, Pulp Fiction, Cidade de Deus, Pyasa, Satya, Maqbool, Kill Bill 2, Pan’s Labyrinth, Muhafiz, Ed Wood, Kung Fu Hustle, Amores Perros.


Music Lover: At least one of the following: Should like Pink Floyd, Strong roots in 60’s rock music and The Grunge Movement, Strong interest in Indian Fusion Music especially in Rock, SD Burman fan.


Literature Lover: Should like some of them: Crime and Punishment, Neuromancer, The Catcher in the Rye, The First Circle.


Be a huge fan of Dostoyevsky or Nirmal Verma.


I think it’s easier to find a girl this way than by going your caste, sub caste, subsubcaste, subsubsubcaste………(think cult, sub cult, subsubcut, subsubsubcult…)

The only human who satisfies the rigid criteria cited above is Somnath Pal. Thankfully, he is ugly also.

PS: The above is a post intended for totally satirical purposes and has no resemblance to any such list factual or fictional. However, it is true that Somnath Pal is ugly.


Arvind Krishna said...

what the fuck? i satisfy the criteria too.

Abhinav Anand Dwivedi said...

Yes and thankfully you are ugly too!