Saturday, March 31, 2007

Death Pondy

Ever heard of hard rock that gradually transforms itself over a period of time into very hard rock, to metal, to heavy metal and then to death metal? Well, apparently a bunch of guys from PEC (read Punjab Engineering College, of Kalpana Chawala fame (!)) have extended the analogy a bit too far.

If "BC Sutta" from Zeest was pondy, "Gaand Mein Danda" from bodhiTree was hard pondy, this song called "Balaatkari" is undoubtedly Death Pondy! I wish I could upload it here, but I don't know to do it. But I'll try to post a link somewhere at least.

Check out this song if you're even remotely interested in the evolution of a subsubsubgenre of music.

Dated: 25th May
Here's the link to the song


Anonymous said...

Can you mail the song at


Abhinav Anand Dwivedi said...

Sorry for getting back to you late. I will surely mail this to you. Am also uploading this stuff and am going to give a link to this song very soon.

Abhinav Anand Dwivedi said...

Actually this song is not by PEC guys but some random guys from Noida (or so I am told)

doggerel maker said...

Fun :).

Just in case you didn't already know how to upload a song, upload at you googlepage (create one if you don't have one) and then link it up.

Abhinav Anand Dwivedi said...

Thanks for the tip! I know it now.