Saturday, March 31, 2007

Independent (read Underground) rock music scene in India these days - Part 1

The post is NOT supposed to be an analysis of the aforementioned scene. It is simply a collection of Indian rock music acts I like. And again, the list is in no particular order. Since I am a major fusion fan, it will understandably be dominated by Fusion based bands.

1) Indian Ocean : Already a mainstream success in India and elsewhere. One of the few very successful crossover acts. And yes, they are one of my all time favourite bands (other favourites include bands like Pink Floyd, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Phish, Dave Matthews Band, The Doors, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin).

2) The Raghu Dixit Project : Check the following link

Can't find the 'Insert link' option. The beta version was better than the non beta one!

3) Parikrama : Obviously one of the oldest and popular Indian rock bands. I still believe (some say naively) Sonam Sherpa is probably the best guitarist in India and I rank "But it Rained" as a top epic gaana comparable to the best in the world.

4) Zero : The Mumbai band that is supposed to be the best band in India. I wouldn't say it's the best (especially after Warren (the guitarist) left), but what a band anyway! "Spitleaf" and "Christmas in July" are just brilliant by any standards.

5) Bleeding Madras : Heard just one song of theirs : "Bleeding Madras". What a song! I am a humble fan.

6) Alms for Shanti : Major fusion act. Members include the veterans of the first Indian rock band "Indus Creed" (previously called "Rock Machine"). Based in Mumbai and New York, they are those who pioneered this field. "Kash_ma_kash" (english version called "Varanasi Trail"), Superbowl etc are good songs.

7) Soulmate: If what I understand is correct, Rudy Wallang has teamed up with a chick to form this blues based band. The title of their album is called "Shillong" (I love the city!). Check out the song "Blues is my Soulmate". In case you did not know about Rudy Wallang, check out the song "Not those funking blues again". It is an absolute gem of a song which I am sure most people who have heard the song will agree with.

The other bands will be discussed in the Part 2 of the post.


zephyrman said...

check out pink noise and skinny alley....they are the bands working on totally new genres.

Abhinav Anand Dwivedi said...

I know Skinny Alley and that it is a nice band to be a fan of (actually I was planning to write about them in the second part of the post) but not about Pink Noise. Will try to listen and post my comments.

Niket said...

Band - Remember Shakti
Lead Guitarist - John McLaughlin.

He was Sushmit Sen's inspiration :-)