Monday, March 12, 2007

Bonus Vacation Post Four Year Vacation

After a four year vacation called Engineering in which I unlearnt everything technical sounding, we get a final post four year vacation bonus vacation for a tad more than three months.

Having realised recently that inspite of my impossibly terrible laziness, I somehow like to travel, I have been making plans of travelling whenever I can find some money to do so. Time has never been a problem since I am basically jobless.

This post vacations bonus vacation will be used by Somnath and I to travel around the mountainous Uttaranchal, Himachal Pradesh and, if things go right, Leh-Ladakh.

This trip is also essential because this will be the first official collaboration between myself and Somnath. The fusion of two creative geniuses has to be set in some picturesque backdrop to ensure respect by the artsy posterity. The collaboration is supposed to be a graphic novel whose hero's tentative sketch is as shown. The artwork chief is Somnath and the story chief is myself. A tentative theme is a post-apocalyptic dystopian science fiction universe (could it have been anything other than this?) but is open to changes and I wouldn't be surprised if by the end the story we get hold of is about Bhakt Prahlad and Santoshi Mata. We're ready to experiment, ready to hypothesise, ready to kick ass.


somnath said...

never has a plan reached consummation! n i am the least sure this time!

andy said...

You cocksure bashturd...........

I am going to do it, with or without you.