Saturday, March 31, 2007

Kuchch Kavitayen (!)

It's a shame I don't know how to post in Hindi in my blog. Probably Google doesn't have this feature. But anyway, here are a couple of doggerels I wrote not quite far back. It's easy to see their souls are Gulzar rip offs, but anyway...


Hua karta tha kabhi
Maan bete mein ek roohani rishta
Postmodernism hai ya kalyug
Sabhi disposable se nazar aate hain

2) Title (?) "On the 'erraticness' of the insti net"

Internet yoon chalta hai jaise dupahren bin batti khadi rahti hain
Karwat bhi badloon to paseene choone ka andesha rahta hai


ira said...

waaow....what a piece of poetry... i think that has been more than enough to quench your thirst of becoming a poet.

jaspreet singh said...

for more Hindi kavitayen you can visit on highlighted text.