Wednesday, October 22, 2008

On Truth, Wikijustice and the Emergence of Digital Maoism

What does Truth mean in the age of Wikipedia? Simson Garfinkel explains in this extremely interesting article in MIT's Technology Review.

Wikipedia and the Meaning of Truth.


ira said...

I too was recently wondering how Wikipedia is a site referred by every second person I come across but what's the evidence that all of it is genuine when it is a set of info provided by people like you and me!
But the review by this Simson Garfinkel person is pretty much acceptable.

P.S.- is it just me or does this name actually sound familiar..
"I am a rock"
Simon and Garfunkel kill!


Anonymous said...

Man, is Oz following your blog?

Nanga Fakir said... is he?

Probably not. Maybe he stumbled upon it just the way I did.

Anonymous said...

Still some people are, very openly indeed, see blogs I follow section here,

(comment deletion countdown begins now)

Nanga Fakir said...