Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Nuggets of Wisdom -- 2

"When miserable, read Dostoyevsky".

PS: Or William Gibson. Just read Burning Chrome. Never has a painkiller acted so fast.


sami in chains said...

And you have all the time in the world for such seemingly needless and superfluous practice! Bugger, thou shalt be damned in the darkest of hell... thy wisdom shall rot and stink and dust into non existence.

Write my fucking script or I'll fart right onto your face in our next meet- and I'll keep a reminder to avoid missing it!

Nanga Fakir said...


I really have a fever. Am sleeping 16 hours a day. And am taking pills. And to make the rest of the 8 hours bearable, am reading Dostoyevsky.

Will write your script as soon as I feel even slightly okay.

Anonymous said...
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