Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Portrait of the Mathematician as Hattori Hanzō

Think of the mathematician as Hattori Hanzō - the master swordsman/swordmaker in Kill Bill masquerading as a sushi chef in Okinawa - as a maker of katanas that the Uma Thurmans of the world - the scientists and sometimes even engineers and economists - employ to slay the Crazy 88 - the far too numerous demons of hillbillyness and general intellectual destitution. But the analogy runs its course here. Much unlike the real, rather badass samurai, The Mathematician, at the prospect of an encounter with the Crazy 88 (or pretty much any part of the real world) will promptly let loose a warm loaf of wholesome turd in his pants and hide under the skirts of our Uma Thurmans.

Comparative Advantage lets loose upon this world some rather awkward superheroes.

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