Sunday, January 20, 2013

Anime OLRs a Bunch - Part 2

  1. Aeon Flux: Okay this isn't an anime, but it's a series that's worth the attention of those interested in watching animated series generally. Set up in a bizarre, dystopic universe, this dialogue-less, graphic, violent and sexually suggestive series is nonetheless a rare feat of exploration of that highly elusive meeting point of commericial-yet-highly-experimental art. Grade: A
  2. Paranoia Agent: The great Satoshi Kon disappoints (Arun will now proceed to disembowel NF). It's an entirely forgettable anime series about a supposed street runt who wields his baseball bat to attack people having crises of one sort or the other. NF has a strong suspicion that he didn't get the series at all and will view it again to give the great Satoshi Kon the benefit of doubt, may his glory spread far and wide posthumously as well. Grade: B-
  3. Avatar: The Last Airbender: Okay this isn't an anime either but it's the closest the US can get to co opting the art form; and it's hardly bad! It milks the shonen anime genre for all its worth and is able to form a very coherent and plot driven narrative. Except for the first half of the third season in which Zuko seems to be rehabilitated, the series is excellent throughout and deserves all the accolades that were directed towards it. Grade: A
  4. FLCL: Also known as 'furi kuri', this six episode anime is hard to describe if you haven't seen it yourself. It's hyperkinetic, supremely, lavishly, overwhelmingly stylized and almost utterly incomprehensible on a first viewing. It's also very funny. One couldn't give it high marks for substance (and maybe for a six episode series one shouldn't have high expectations in this regard anyway) but it scores so damn high on style and visual extravagance that the experience is completely worth it! Grade: A-

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