Thursday, January 17, 2013

Anime OLRs a Bunch - Part 1

This is a brief review of the various animes Nanga Fakir's watched in two years - from early 2011 till the end of 2012. As always, the OLR in the title refers to 'one line review' where 'one line' is to be interpreted rather broadly.

  1. Code Geass (Season 1 and Season 2): Fabulous series! Think of it as Death Note meets the best of the Mecha genre - the devious mind of Lelouch is the high while the irritating character of Suzaku is the low point. The second season doesn't live up to the brilliance of the first though. Grade: A+
  2. Denno Coil: Suffice it to say that it's the best anime (not just a science fiction one) that NF has seen in the recent past. Although one could argue that Code Geass is more fun, in terms of sheer originality, story and brilliance, NF was completely won over by this Hayao Miyazaki meets Masamune Shirow science fiction spectacle (courtesy the fabulous Akemi Anime Review). This wonderful achievement in the art of anime direction deserves a standing ovation! Grade: A+ 
  3. Boogiepop Phantom: Another wonderful series. Psychological horror meets artsy, sepia tinted backdrops and multiple POV storylines that converge to a satisfying whole. Grade: A
  4. Full Metal Alchemist: A 51 episode saga of two siblings in an alternate reality who learnt the principle of alchemy the hard way (toka koka - the principle of equal exchange). A very well directed story of their journeys, travails, courage and eventual victory. All in all, a classic bildungsroman. Grade: A-
  5. Trigun: In a science fictional world, a 'peace and love' proclaiming hippyish gunslinger 'Vash the Stampede''s appearance at various villages causes their utter destruction despite the protagonist's apparent best efforts. To contain the damage, two ladies from an insurance agency tail him and so does the mysterious gunfighter priest. Hilarity ensues and so does terrific fighting. A cracker of a background score doesn't hurt the series at all! Grade: A-

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