Monday, September 17, 2012

@Somnath: Yes, We Were There!

Although banal reasons like the absolute impossibility of easy access to the venue and scarcity of frequent train lines between the village and home cut short our little trip to the film festival and we ended up watching only the first half, NF can confidently assert that Somnath's fabulous animated short "The Candy Tree" was probably the best little gem out there! 

Somnath's film was the third from the beginning and although the audience was comprised mostly of old geezers with only a sprinkling of young blood, 'The Candy Tree' drew approving laughs at the right places and a thunderous applause at its end!

Another brilliant film to be showcased was Jonathan Ng's "Requiem for a Romance" - a fabulous tale of a breakup superimposed on a kung fu fight sequence. Yoko Ono (yes the Beatles' destroyer) also had a film on the show called "My Hometown" and it was the most retarded and third rate film of the festival. One imagines that her work was shown only because the fledgling festival needed big names to prop itself up!

And of course, given NF's fabulous impersonation skills, a local newspaper reporting on the film festival mistook him for the Director-in-Chief Somnath! Here's the link to the item:

For those interested in viewing 'The Candy Tree', here's the film on Youtube:

Somnath, take a bow already!

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