Friday, September 16, 2011

The insulted and the ignored

Courtesy the NITK Numbskulls' weblog - a fabulous and very funny open letter from a South Indian chick in Delhi to all its male denizens - a region dismissed by Shandy in his unique, regal, offhanded manner as "the city of boors" not so long ago. 

Do read it.


The disdainful treatment of the macho, flamboyant, alpha male type in the letter makes Nanga Fakir's heart burn with envy. We poor UP-Biharis didn't even warrant wordy denunciations from those charming, graceful, dusky, snobbish, frighteningly literary, English-speaking South Indian beauty queens; our presence perhaps concealed, relegated to the background - much like the case of Kagerō Usui - that absolute paragon of non-descriptness (caution: Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei reference), our stature reduced to obscure objects of gentle amusement - a stark reminder of the wild, wild North - that ultimate embarrassment zone for the techie, shining India of the South and that ultimate white man's, nay, South Indian's burden.

If only our kind was denounced and derided - I am sure many a Northy UP-Biharis' Neanderthal throats would've choked with emotion. 

Being hated is better than being ignored. No?


Tarun R said...

Stop flattering yourself.

MaihoonDON™ said...

Hilarious letter, must say.

Nanga Fakir said...

@Ra: So even comparisons with Kagero Usui amount to self congratulatory flattery now?

<*filled with sadness, melts into background*>

@Don: Totally funny letter! Bravo little girl, bravo!

MaihoonDON™ said...

Am presuming you must have read this
Feebly titillating, not what one expects from boys from Defence Caalony.

On the other hand, I do believe we UPites are doing nothing to have our two minutes of fame.

Time to ask some Madrasan out for Doodh-Jalebi on Sunday mornings. :)

Nanga Fakir said...

I expect nothing less from you O great Don!

Let the flag of UP fly high!


we dont do protest marches - and even if we are part of one , it feels nice walking and feeling like you can actually do something .

And whats she on about - SOUTH INDIAN MEN ARE HOT.

she writes well though and it was a little funny, though why she was letting such a boy kiss her , text her talk to her i dont get .

Tarun R said...

The Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei series has such good characters that comparing yourself to any of those counts as self-flattery.

Also, the said letter in question was bitter, blatantly hypocritical and downright undignified. That you linked to it in the first place saddens me. If the letter had just poked fun at stereotypes instead of getting accusatory and personal, it would have actually been enjoyable.

Nanga Fakir said...

Oh come on! Don't be so hard on the poor little girl.

Safari Al said...

Given my current perambulations in Europe and my past experiences in India, I am quite tempted to write and rebutt both letters. I feel it building up in me - just needs a little more wine.

As far as, UP-Biharis go, dude, you have the great Manoj Tiwari - use his tactics to pick up women!