Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Hello, hello, hello how low?

A somewhat sad little consequence of not having as much time as you used to have (cf. undergrad years) is that when it comes to consumption of art/entertainment, your ability to experiment, be adventurous and watch a totally arbit film on the LAN just because the title is redolent of a hot ninja woman massacring a phalanx of hideously deformed, bloodsucking zombies; indulge yourself a little and watch Hatim_tai, Himmatwala and Justice Chaudhary back to back; listen to Backstreet Boys' desire to want it their way; listen to "In the night no control, kya kahoon kuchch to bol" on repeat mode - basically consume something just plain bad/of dubious artistic quality - plummets harder than the price of BP stocks after an oil spill.

What the fuck's up with that?

In the words of Yuri, pronounced with a marked air of solemnity after the two hour, three dimensional disaster-of-an-experience also referred to in some circles as Resident Alien: Afterlife, "Life is just plain too fucking short for consumption of bad art".

It's a testament to the flatout wretchedness of the human condition; the nasty, short and brutish nature of existence; a reminder of the sad, inevitable end that awaits one and all.

Enough of the Ramin Bahranis however, the György Pálfis, the Nuri Bilge Ceylans, the William H Gasses, the Jonathan Franzens, the Roberto Bolaños, the Faith No Mores, the Eels, the Flaming Lips, the Snow Patrols.


Time now for some defiance - some deeply meaningful Judd Apataw flicks, some classic, soul shattering Raj Babbar films, some heartwrenching Sameer and Anjan poetry, some Jersey Shore.

A denial,
A denial,
A denial.


SatyaVrat said...

you are not the only one

Nanga Fakir said...

The same project was tried before unsuccessfully in Final Year (cf. Project Pulp Fiction). Let's see how this turns out this time!

Jackson said...

i doth protest this vilification and gentrification of the grand cinematic ouevre of judd apatow.. seriously, though, have you seen funny people? its no de sica, but its atypical apatow, to say the least..

Nanga Fakir said...

Will watch it (indeed any film now) only on the condition that it be atrocious.

Jackson said...

nah, this one's actually quite decent.. for cinematic atrocity, may i recommend any you try the recent syfy original 'sharktopus'..

Safari Al said...

Stop name-dropping, you wretch!

Nanga Fakir said...

<*grins sheepishly*>

Caught in the act.