Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Orgasmothon Continues

Featuring John Nash, Bob Aumann, Eric Maskin, Sergiu Hart, Peyton Young, Rohit Parikh, Al Roth among others.

Link - The Game Theory Festival.


Also, The Film Festival! (Link)


Brief Interviews with Hideous Men arrives on Tuesday and is next on the playlist.


Ah orgasm, spare me thy forbidden pleasures!


Anonymous said...

Are you single, you math-movies-music geek?

- a crazy girl (with almost similar interests)

Nanga Fakir said...

<*NF is carried away by the sinister, devastating effect he has on women*>

Kid, you have bad taste. Let's go out sometime.

SatyaVrat said...

The Orgasmothon Continues, totally.

Anonymous said...

>> Kid, you have bad taste.
I hope you do too.

>> Let's go out sometime.
Okay. Will be in touch.

Bejin Hakumei said...

*taken aback by the first comment*
*nearly faints reading the second*
*retains hope in life seeing the third*
*faints for real reading the fourth*