Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Oh Me!

I was discussing with my brother, the possible names for my niece who's about to be born (the expected date of birth coincides with mine!). The talk was focussed on the home name and it was suggested by my brother that the home name be Omee.

Nanga Fakir: (after some thinking) That would be so goddamn awesome!
Brother: (slightly puzzled) I know its a good name...but awesome? Why?
Nanga Fakir: Well for one, Ajay Devgan, in the movie Omkara was referred to as Omee Bhaiyya by his followers.
Brother: Ha ha...I see your point.
Nanga Fakir: That's hardly all of it. In the iconic MTV Unplugged Live in New York, just before it all ended, Nirvana played the best song of the album called Oh Me, a homophone of the name Omee. This name will be our humble tribute to the memory of Kurt Cobain!
Brother: Whoa...dude.


The omens couldn't be better. A child born on the same day as me and a name which pays tribute to Omkara and Kurt Cobain! Niece...let the spirit of Grunge be with you!

PS: I know the original was by the Meat Puppets and Nirvana did a cover. But that doesn't make the song any less awesome!


Anonymous said...

But Omee is a guy's name. For a fundafull girl name, consider 'Ada'- reference to both Gulzar and Ada Lovelace :-D

Nanga Fakir said...

Even Shuchi is supposed to be a girl's I don't think it matters much.

Arvind Krishna said...

will you be disappointed, if instead, let's say, she likes om shanti om and britney spears?

Nanga Fakir said...

Not at all...I am a big fan of both of them myself! (despite all pretenses of liking highbrow cinema like Vishal Bhradwaj's or music like Floyd's, it is Britney and OSO that rule my heart...)

Safari Al said...

And now, I, declare thee Andy brain dead.

Rest in piss!

ira said...

Omee is a nice name (it's relation with OSO and Britney makes it the perfect home name for our to-be-born
But, I was thinking of Miyahara Tanpopo or maybe Mitsuo or Pikachu or even least she can flaunt her name to her friends until high school for sure :P

Nanga Fakir said...

She will live in Amreeka, not in Konoha. Hence ruled out.

ira said...

Naruto as well as other Japanese anime (ex: Pokemon, Doremon, Bleach and blah-blah-blah) are pretty popular in the U.S. Dumb American kids love all of it.

Hence Proved: You are not only dumb but also a total loser cause you crib when you see other people giving better ideas than you do..!


karukilikalafa said...

how about shanti :) .....peeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeee