Monday, March 24, 2008

Welcome my Son, the Machine

Please join me in welcoming the new force in the Indian Comic Book/Graphic Novel Industry - Somnath Pal.

He has finished his first comic book which is about 25 pages in length and called ANTH (The End). I will, by the end of the post give links to his blog (which is atrocious wherein he does nothing but rant) and also include some of the artwork of his first comic book.

I can also revel in the glory-by-proxy which I am sure to experience in the future by virtue of the fact that Somnath Pal has been a friend for over nine years. He has been a fellow Engineering student (he holds a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering) and fellow fuck up. The glory-by-proxy is also extended to fellow bloggers Pandu, Ra and AK who have had the misfortune of knowing him.

This is where he blogs -- Sami In Chains.

So the Machiiiiiiiiine.

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