Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Bats of Batcave

It was exactly a year ago when Batman (version 0.0) left the Batcave. It was then won over by his trusted aide Choukkar who, Batman hopes has preserved the sanctity and spirit of the cave intact. And rumour has it that the next installment of Batman will played by the evil Batman sidekick turned rap artist Biswas who fought a bitter battle to finally inherit the Batcave along with all its inhabitants. Batman can finally die in peace.

Some of the rarest species on the planet find refuge in Batcave (also referred to as Room 188, H Wing, V Block). A couple of them can be seen in these archival images...

Cheers to Batman (version 2.0) to have fought against other nefarious comic book villains (in particular, it should be noted that the other 'lumbering windmill' Bussu, famed for having the strength of ten thousand elephants had eyes on the Cave too, but the badass rapper Biswas subjected him to two hours of non stop, ultra hip avant garde rap(e) music--something no mortal could withstand) to win the cave for himself.

Grandfather Batman would want the room to keep offering refuge to those species of insects which are persecuted. He encourages the present Batman to allow the non stop flourishing of those insect ecosystems which have a high chance of evolving into a civilisation of their own.

Finally, here are all the bats of the Batcave in one photo.

PS: The date on the photograph is misleading (intentionally so).
PPS: For all practical purposes Pandu would qualify as a resident of the Cave. He spent more time there than in all classes he attended for his undergraduate degree.


zephyrman said...

the batman 3.0 very humbly accepts the responsibility of the batcave and will try his best to keep its sanctity.but why the rap??

Nanga Fakir said...

Appearances are not necessarily misleading.

Safari Al said...

Shata Batcave. you wouldn't know the batmobile if it ran you over!!!