Wednesday, March 25, 2015

This Court Shall Not Be Adjourned

Everyone, please join NF in congratulating his old chum Somnath Pal on the continued success of the film Court, in which he was the Production Designer/Art Director. 

This time it's the National Film Awards where yesterday it won the main prize - the Best Fuckin' Film! 

It's also being released on April 17th all over India - NF urges everyone to please go see it and transform it from a worldwide arthouse triumph to an indie financial success!

Here's the Wikipedia page for the film: Court.

Here is the ever awesome on the film's win at the National Film awards: 'Court' wins National Film Award as it gears up for its theatrical release.

Here is the news item in Huffington Post India: 'Queen', 'Haider', and 'Court' Amongst Winners At 62nd National Film Awards.


Arvind Krishna said...

Wow, very proud to have met him!

Nanga Fakir said...

This is but the beginning! Hold your horses for some more pride hurtling your way in the years to come!