Monday, March 26, 2012

Market Economies and Market Democracies

Although the States has been ever the evangelist when it comes to peddling the wonder of market economics, the axiom of choice and the miracle of competition when it comes to advising/chastising developing/underdeveloped nations the world over, they've insulated their polity from being a market democracy by willing themselves to be ruled by a truly very inefficient duopoly - The Elephants and The Donkeys. There's competition in the industrial sector but not so much in the electoral sector with hardly much to choose from.

Contrast this with the fierce, cut-throat, ruthless, Darwinian competition that rules the Indian electoral sector - a true free market for representatives - with every hue, color, whim, creed, caste and class to choose from.

What quirk of fate decreed that the US champions one and not the other?

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