Thursday, May 20, 2010

High and Hippied

D : So what does your name mean?
NF : Huh...what does yours mean?
D : means an Ocean.
NF : Yours?
B : Peace.
NF : And yours?
A : in around the sun.
NF : His I know - Wise Hero. Right?
S : <*Nods*>
D : So...what does yours mean? Or is it like one of those American names like Todd that probably means your parents thought your were a toad when born?
NF : <*Smiles*> Well, let me think and give you a precise answer.


NF :
It means 'Novel Bliss'. 'Novel' as in novelty and not a novel.
D : Novel Bliss.
B : Novel Bliss.
A : Novel Bliss.
D : Ha! Just like being on drugs. Right?

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