Sunday, December 13, 2009

लिटगीरी रीडक्स

Lit links:

  1. The Use of Poetry : An excerpt from the latest Ian McEwan novel about a fictional Nobel Prize winning physicist Michael Beard. Read this to experience first-hand, the sheer breathtaking awesomeness that McEwan's prose is. From one of the foremost writers of our times. Totally killer!
  2. Midnight in Dostoyevsky : Don DeLillo is currently the reigning lit grandmaster of American literature. This somewhat longish, eight page story set in the blistery upstate New York winter about two lonely, intensely competitve students, a mysterious old man and a logic professor who reads Dostoyevsky day and night needs to be read. Nay, demands to be read.
  3. All That : And yes, our very own David Foster Wallace!

Recommended Setting/Background/Ambient Sound: The epic 19 minute Farm Aid '98 version of Down by The River by Neil Young and Phish.


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