Friday, June 19, 2009

The Road (Part Three)

Good books cost money. Which people who have time don't have.

Good books cost time. Which people who have money don't have.

Nanga Fakir falls into the first category. That is why he has to resort to extreme measures in order to recover money invested in good books. Time - that's something he has in plenty.

Reading books in well mannered reading establishments on couches that ingest you partially, dragging you into quicksands of serious, hardcore comfort is Nanga Fakir's idea of bliss. Every time he walked the isles, the sexual tension in the atmosphere became unbearable and he felt that his balls would explode. And so NF prepared himself for some serious reading spread over the course of a week or two and finished the following:

1) 100% - Paul Pope
2) Ghost World - Daniel Clowes
3)-9) Sin City - Frank Miller
10) I Saw You - Edited by Julia Wertz
11) The White Tiger - Aravind Adiga

Sin City has got to be the most awesome comic book ever. And yes, this includes giants like Watchmen and V for Vendetta. The neo-noir style, the exaggerated contrasts of black and white, the minimal, pithy text, the multiple POV manner of story telling and the absolutely killer story lines make it the most marvelous comic book NF has read. (In particular, That Yellow Bastard is hard to beat as the best comic ever.)

Somnath, you were so damn right.

I Saw You is an anthology of various strips drawn by many comic book writers with the common theme of missed connections - stories inspired from real life encounters between people who thought they caught brief glimpses of their true loves.

Overall, it was a nice, routinely good read. As again, Julia's strips were among the best. Example:

Some more can be seen here.

The White Tiger was a really fast, terrific read. Adiga's witty, smart, sometimes angst ridden sense of humour really comes out well and nothing seems forced or contrived. And yes, there is seriousness in the book too. Loads of it.


Another part and then he thinks he'll let go.


Arvind Krishna said...

I think your place in society, that you try so hard to eschew, is understated. I have lost count of the amount of stuff that you have recommended or I(we) have discovered that superlatives are insufficient to describe with.

All I can say is on Sin City and Julia Wertz. I need 4 more to complete my sin city collection. try reading Maus, a great read...the writer went to school with my roommate's dad.

Nanga Fakir said...

Feeling generous are we?

Maus is brilliant! They don't give out Pulitzers for nothing.

But I still think Sin City is the best.

Yes you can call me a philistine now.

Arvind Krishna said...

hardly....its very tarantinoesque and i know you like him a lot.