Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Sound of Muzak

Have been tripping on the soundtrack of Dev D. Sheer brilliance.

Oye Lucky... and Welcome to Sajjanpur soundtracks are trip worthy too.

All this awesome music makes me happy.

Nanga Fakir khush hua.


बोल बोल वाई डिड यू डिच मी
जिंदगी भी ले ले यार किल मी
बोल बोल वाई डिड यू डिच मी

[Speak, speak why did you ditch me
Take even my life, friend, kill me
Speak, speak why did you ditch me

Courtesy: Emosional Atyachaar from Dev D.

Heh...fuckin' A man!


shadows said...

this is one man i havent heard about... where do i find this....

Grey Crayon said...

I have the whole collection. All thanks to Satyavrat.


SatyaVrat said...

@Shadows- That's blasphemy. And you being a नंगा फकीर follower. Chek this-

@Ira- The name is SatyaVrat. Capital 'S', capital 'V' :-D

Bejin Hakumei said...

@SatyaVrat: Apologies! :P