Friday, August 29, 2008

W(h)ither Now

Link to news that Virgin Comics is shutting down.

I had blogged last summer about the Indian Comic Book Revolution and how awesome the new titles -- Devi, Sadhu and Ramayan 3392 AD seemed. However, as I discovered, along with Somnath, that the later issues were done in a very non-serious and lazy way, (as if the team were pulling a night-out just before the morning of the deadline) my enthusiasm shrank. There was deterioration in every department -- sketching, inking, story, character development.

And now they're shutting down.


Somnath, the ball is in your court now.


ira said...

I knew it!

sami in chains said...

I glanced over a few pages of Ramayana... and very honestly dude, the artwork sucks... except the cover page everything else is mediocre.