Saturday, June 07, 2008

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Among the first things I am going to do in Lucknow is watch Sarkaar Raj. This will be followed shortly by viewings of Aamir, Speed Racer and Hellboy II: The Golden Army.

Sarkar Raj, because obviously it's a RGV film; Aamir because it is made by Rajkumar Gupta -- a protegé of Anurag Kashyap (he is the producer of this film); Speed Racer because it is written and directed by the Wachowski Brothers and is based on a cartoon series I used to follow on Cartoon Network a long time ago, and Hellboy II because it is made by the awesome Guillermo del Toro - the man who made El Laberinto del Fauno (Pan's Labyrinth).


satyavrat said...

Already watched Sarkar Raj(DVD print), loopholes+ not as good. Couldn't find Aamir (mostly due to unfortunate name, the search produces Aamir Khan everywhere). BTW, AK is the 'creative' producer, just like Amol Gupte was 'Creative' director in TZP.

Do include Mumbai Cutting in your list.

zephyrman said...

Agreed sarkar raj might have a few loopholes but its a brilliant film.Well made and good acting.Do watch it.

Peeleraja said...

aamir is brilliant, though sarkar raj isnt

Nanga Fakir said... I will definitely watch Aamir!

veni, vedi, dormivi... said...

Will disagree with Biswas at great risk to health. Sarkar Raj definitely not as good as Sarkar.