Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Possessed

The feverish drum beats pulsated in her rhythmic movements. Her hands stretched, pointing skywards, as if imploring Mother to take her in Her arms.

The jungle beat took control of her as she found herself suddenly in the grips of a Force far greater than that of all shamans combined. Mother cradled the baby in her arms and she swayed gently to the inexorable hum of the Divine Rhythm.

A mere puppet...a pawn in the Great Scheme of Things she was. Euphoria rushed through her as she felt Mother speak to her in Her Voice. A sudden surge of blood to the head, a sudden flash of Wisdom.

And then, heard those who Witnessed.

Running in the family
It runs in the family...
Hey baby
Running in the family
It runs in the famileeeeeeeeeee...eeeaaayh!


Anonymous said...

'running in the family'? is this some song?

Nanga Fakir said...

Yusss...look at the featured video for details.

ira said...

killing lyrics..nice song