Friday, October 12, 2007

Mount (K)Ubuntu: Peak Amarok

Vista sucked so bad that I decided to include bombing Microsoft HQ as one of the things to do before I die. Hence I have decided to postpone my imminent suicide (sorry Subbu, you'll have to wait) to the time I can complete this mission.

Amarok has got to be the greatest audio player ever devised by any intelligent life in the Universe. Not only it kicks ass by playing every which format you can have, its streaming of the lyrics automatically for the songs playing, streaming Wikipedia information of the band in the adjoining window and countless other small but very, very handy operations have turned me into a diehard, loyal fan. And yet, this is hardly the end. The greatest asset is the free access to countless radio stations 24 hours a fucking day! I remember well that I had listened to more than 200 songs in a month on the Yahoo(!) LaunchCast radio (which although was brilliant) despite the incessant bombardment of bad advertisements (Lending Tree dot com, Nissan Live Player) to scar me for the remainder of my life. What do you think the result was? The bastards refused to play any more songs unless I coughed up 3 fucking dollars! Kalyug...ghor fucking Kalyug I tell you!

But as Gita would tell us, partitran_aya sadhunaam vinashaay cha dush_kritaam Amarok came to the rescue. Not only does it not have those stupid commercials, not only is it free, but the number of embedded radio stations in Amarok is about the number of Launch Cast radio station raised to the one thousandth power! And here comes the best part. It has Bhojpuri radio stations too! Not all of you know that my mother tongue is not Hindi but Bhojpuri. So my jaw literally dropped when I came across this radio station. Dude, this has got to be the most awesome, most flabbergasting, most intesely surprising thing I have encountered...ever.

I listened to the station for some one hour or so. Yeah, it was pretty authentic...but it didn't showcase any stars like Manoj Tiwari "Mridul" for which I felt kind of bad, because you expect to hear Led Zep when you tune in to a rock station.

Other mentionable radio station that one usually doesn't encounter elsewhere (excluding an amazingly wide variety of Rock, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Metal, Hindi Film, New Hindi chart-toppers etc) include Ghazals, Old Hindi Filmy and many more...

Feisty Fawn (Ubuntu 7.04) is the most awesome OS ever. Better than the Fedora Panini that I used in S'kal. And yes I won't mention Windows at all...the developers of Vista should as well jump in the sea.


Tarun R said...

Dwivedi using and loving Linux!
Fancy that...

Nanga Fakir said...

Eh...what's so fancy about that after all? You are questioning my commitment to the free software movement? Jump into the same sea where the Vista developers were dumped!