Sunday, September 30, 2007

Truly Dystopic!

This piece is intended for those friends who have it in their mind to embark upon an academic/research career. Please read carefully.

"The American academic scientist earns less than an airplane mechanic, has less job security than a drummer in a boy band, and works longer hours than a Bolivian silver miner."

Boy does this guy give me the shivers!

This story
highlights the life of a SUNY Buffalo PhD who decided his calling was the job of a convenience store clerk.

This site debunks the myth of a desperate labour shortage in the Software Sector.

PS: The career guide for the as yet unslaughtered.

PPS: Also read this "No PhDs need apply"

PPPS: Play The Game at this guy's website to find how big a loser you are. The average score is 32. I scored -18. Really funny. If you're a Science Fiction freak, single, loner and generally consider yourselves to be inept at handling the opposite sex conversationally or otherwise then expect stern responses from the cyberdate and a comfortably negative score.


Ankur Pandey said...

Really dystopic! but somehow I feel its a bit too exaggerated.
Anyways, I scored -22 ;)

clueless rebel said...

hahaha... screw u guys i got 33...i'm going home!!!

Nanga Fakir said...


Indus Creep said...

FUCK...i got -24 duuude

Nanga Fakir said...

Beats me how! I thought you'd get as few as me.