Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Alternative MP3

At the request of so many juniors and fellow batchmates who shared that wonderful batch of (0)'07, I am proud to present "Alternative MP3". Thank you all for the appreciation!

Storyline: The following is written by the hero to the XXX female!

Sub: plz read this



my name is XX. hope u recognise me. i used to study at X in ur batch.

please do me a favour by reading this mail in its entirety & by not
drawing premature conclusions until u've read it completely.

my reason for mailing u today is that i needed to inform u something.this
should have been done long ago, but as the old cliched adage goes "better
late than never" so...........

what i wanted to inform u is that i have been in love with u for quite
sometime now(plz don't take it as a prank! i've NEVER been more serious in
my life). this is an admission i am willing to make after a long time it
should have been made. no-one--not even XXXX(who's my best friend)knows of this.

my sole reason for mailing and letting u know is that here in XXXXX, i
have fully come to appreciate the kind of feeling i've always nurtured for
u. i've kept thinking about u all the time while simultaneuosly guarding this secret from any other entity. i don't DARE TO EXPECT anything from ur side. i dare not! but i thought i would unburden myself by this mail.

i say it again-nobody on this earth knows about this & nobody on this earth will ever know about this. i have no hopes, no illusions-nothing of that kind at all. it's just to get a load off my heart that i am writing whatever i am writing.

i hope u r not offended by this mail. i am particularly cautious lest this should hurt or anger u in any way. i still am (though i don't know why!) mortally afraid of u & will never like to see u either angry or hurt. my unconditional & unreserved apologies! sorry!

i'm in no position to justify the kind of stand i have taken & do not attempt to justify it either. this confession of mine was of therapeutic importance to me & i think i'll be happy in the knowledge that u AT LEAST KNOW!

again i dare not hope but.......if u were to mail back.....just once........i'll be the happiest guy on earth
yours truly


Arvind Krishna said...

This is prominently missing the following phrase
i luv u

Abhinav Anand Dwivedi said...

Yes! But the temptation of stereotypification proved too much for me and I gladly succumbed to it!

Arvind Krishna said...

this is the funniest thing i have read in a long time..

however did pandu and nitesh convince you to write it... i bow down to them

Abhinav Anand Dwivedi said...

No actually I wrote it all myself! It was Pandu who made me not destroy it after it was written!

zephyrman said...

bad love letter...really bad!!prem patra mein aapne aapni asha ka gala ghot diya!!

Abhinav Anand Dwivedi said...

Hence the reason for atonement by uploading!

Tarun R said...

This letter is a letter of contrasts.
On one hand you have words like "plz", "u", "ur" etc...
And on the other hand phrases like "particularly cautious lest this should hurt or anger", reading this mail in its entirety" and so on.

Abhinav Anand Dwivedi said...

@ Ra
Yeah whatever!

Anonymous said...

therapeutic importance of love... no that's a discovery if not invention...there's good in everything, even badly written love letters