Friday, June 29, 2007

Mohiner Ghoraguli

This band was doing in Bengal in the '70s what Indian Ocean are doing today. Being an ultra lit Bong band it experimented with both-lyrics as well as musical style. Describes by many as being Baul fused with Prog rock, it was the common man's intellectual band. No, I don't understand Bong but you don't have to understand Kannada to be a Raghu Dixit fan (some of his best songs, in particular, "Gudugudiya Sedi Na Do" is Kannada) nor do you need to know Tam to be a fan of the 'Boys' movie soundtrack.

Also, their artwork for their posters/concerts was amazing. I have posted some of them here.

I came to know about them when Subho scribbled their song "Telephone" on his cupboard during one of his trips. Also Biswas turned out to be a huge fan of theirs. A little too co-incidentally, the RAVE magazine that sometimes used to turn up in Subho's room carried out a 3 page review of this band from yesteryears and their influence felt today (even though they were hardly "popular").

This is the Wikipedia link to the Band.
Type in "Mohiner" in youtube to get a collection of their audios.


shadows said...

i am a recent fan of mohiner ghoraguli....
beyond brilliant.. just trying to procure the original cds

Nanga Fakir said...

Are you Bong? Because I don't understand their lyrics well at all!