Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Yet Again !

There was a dog. Fate threw him a bone. But the dog did not respond (for you see even a gloomy, mangy and insulted dog has his dignity). But the bone was juicy, white and nutritious. And the dog was hungry and malnourished. He waited and made up his mind to gobble it up 'respectfully' at a 'respectable' enough time lag. As soon as the 'respectable' time came the dog got into position to pounce at the bone respectfully (so as to maintain his 'd(o)gnity'). As he was in mid air, thinking about the juicy bone in his hungry mouth, Fate pulled the bone away. Fate laughed a cruel laugh. The non existent vanity and self respect of the dog had been violated again. Fate had achieved its aim.

I am the hungry dog.

Ah, and what is good Phaedrus
And what is not good
Need we ask anyone to tell us these things?

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Clogged Blog

What I mean by clogged blog is that though blogging can be a fruitful, interesting, blah blah blah, blah blah blah, experience for some, it turns out to be pretty arbit like most things in the world as far as I am concerned.

Now an interesting question can be that why do things that would seem meaningful to other sensible humans do not seem sensible to some. Example: Taking an eight hour sleep in the night. The answer is that such a minority is formed of the utterly jobless crackpots like me whose head has frontal lobe elongation anomaly syndrome that causes them to laze around for an infinite period of time. In fact, this notion of infinity is so precisely rigorous that George Cantor was initially planning to use this as a definition of infinity. However, as usual, the journals wouldn't accept this as a valid argument citing Chinese Professor Soo Soo's argument regarding the dead chimpanzee's soulmate being the wife of George Cantor as the more rigorous defintion.

Fart Fart Fart Fart Fart...................