Sunday, July 16, 2006

Plans for the Eighth Sem

Since only twenty odd credits are left for me to become an "Engineer" (unfortunately this reminds one of the tech fest and the various other manifestations of the word--like Vitruvian--that abound in n number of contexts in our institute), I kept thinking what is it that I would like to do with the Eighth Sem (which has only Design Thesis which doesn't require classroom interaction). I came across a brilliant plan. I would travel around India, in particular in Benaras, Meghalaya and go work with my guru Shree Kumar in Jaduguda. Plus maybe skip around a bit and attend Inci and Engineer and then skirt off to unknown territories.

And yes, maybe come back to college a couple of weeks before the thesis submission and copy-paste it from somewhere. Really, what a commitment to engineering in general the last statement conveys! But apathy is what I feel, if not outright hostility. Just one sem to go! Just one! Uncharted waters, here I come!

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sudhanshu said...

wah ustaad kya baat hain