Thursday, December 25, 2008


Finished up, pulled Vatsa up by the hair, went to the city, met Abhra (about a year and half it's been apparently), saw Moch and Shruti for a split second before they flew off somewhere, met Harshit Sahai for a while, caught up with Slumdog Millionaire at forty second street, came back and watched an hour of Sorry Bhai before losing a couple of molars because of excessive teeth grinding, saw Abhra off, managed to talk on the phone with Swamy and Aparna, came back home and watched Dil Se again.

The Wagoner in me was regaled with infinite stories of intrigue and gossip, of excellence and failures, of hook ups and break ups, of permutations and combinations, of trials and tribulations, of oldies and newbies and more.

Abhra is a treasure trove of information. And I am an undercover cop who's forgotten his mission statement.

Slumdog's awesome, but not ecstasy inducing (the way City of God was). Most brilliant were some infinite dedication to Hindi films lurking in every nook and corner. Most obvious among them include those to Black Friday, Zanjeer, Deewar, Guide and Satya.

This is the second time I saw Dil Se. Liked it even more. Santosh Sivan is brilliant. So is Mani Ratnam.

Preity Zinta. What a debut! She looks like a kid and a mighty sweet one at that. Yes...those were the days when I was in love with her. Much before the time she morphed into an old hag one arbit night.

Time for catching up on sleep.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


There lived a Llama once. His name was Dalai.

Link: Microfiction